The Allure of Jade Bangles

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One of the most popular jewelry types from around the world is not often seen as a precious metal. In fact, you’ll find that there are some amazing materials in the world that are outside of what you may assume is the “simple” and traditional option. For instance, if you were to look at bangle design and choices overall, you will find that the traditional sticks to precious metal design. Things like platinum, gold, silver, and more are found to be the norm in this case. If you’re tired of those things, and want to focus on a new option, consider the beauty and majesty that comes with jade bangles.

What Is Jade?Jade-stones

For those that aren’t sure what this material is, it’s a simple option that is found in nature. Jade is a gemstone that comes from a mix of various minerals hitting one another. Most often, you’ll find that this is a combination of the precious stones jadeite and nephrite. When these two meet you’ll find that the green and blue elements interlock, forming a very smooth and focused stone. This is a common element compared to other precious stones and metals, meaning that jewelry that is made of this option will cost a bit less overall.

The Design of Bangles

Bangles are bracelets that can be seen as simple, ornate, and fashionable. Combine the allure and elegance of these with the precious stone of jade, and you will see that there is a lot to consider. The main focus of course is the outstanding color, which can be translucent green, or green variations when mixed with other raw materials. The design, therefore, can range from solid green to mixed variations, especially if you add metal buckling points, gems, and more. If you want a solid jade solution, expect to pay under $100 in many cases, but when you start to take on artisanal elements, design, and precious gems, the costs can rise exponentially.

Picking Out The Right Pieces

When you are shopping for bracelets, consider jade as one of the many resources. This is a great option that can be cost effective, elegant, and designed in a variety of different ways. There is no “one” solution that you will find to be the best, as you will need to isolate your own perspective. In the end, jade bangles are beautiful, elegant, cost effective, and can match up to a lot of designs that you may see online and in stores.